Thursday, November 3, 2011

A table changed

There it was, sturdy old piece just sitting around in the garage looking mopey, getting dusty and knicked up by wheelbarrow and lawn mower fly-bys.

While the piece is solid wood, after attempting to sand it I discovered the top was actually some sort of hard-board with an applied woodgrain look (read: no beautiful grain available to stain).  Top would be painted.

Result, body in gray and the top and doors in white (with floral detail by hand), a little mellow mustard drama on the single drawer.  Anthropological knobs for added dimension:


  1. oh so cute! i love the color combo you chose!

  2. yummm! I think I might be stalking you now;) but seriously! Amazing. What is that yellow you used?

    ( - I show up as no reply because I am a wordpress blogger!!)

  3. hey, i'm not the only stalker on your blog. okay, buddy, the pressure is ON.

    what's next????

  4. I think you just found your newest follower! :)

  5. Wow! Found you through Miss Mustard Seed...
    Love that brick wall behind your lovely creation as well!!