Wednesday, December 21, 2011

For Mods Only

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Scored this swingin' hepcat for minimal scratch, daddio.  Danish mid-century mod by Bassett, and surprisingly sturdy (hernia, pending) given its airy, unimposing stature:

Top looked great...

...except that upon sanding proved to be woodgrain applique:

Square, dig?!  Would need to be painted.

Original left side displayed below, and note the damage to that left front leg; split and missing a good chunk of wood:

Proved to be a test of wood-filling/carving skills to repair that momma-baby so the iconic peg leg flowed with uninterrupted tapered-columnar smoothness:

Giving credit where it's (clearly, week after week) due, I'd seen those cats at European Paint Finishes do a retro desk in a kind of deep navy, and thought I'd hit this one with some AS Graphite and see what shook loose.  Results:

Paging Ida Blankenship.

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